What is String3?

String3 maps your supply chains in real time, saving you time identifying where you are most exposed to risk.

Supply chain connected

Engage the entire supply chain:

On receiving questions, suppliers simply respond as to whether they made or sourced your products and pass the questions along. As StringQuestions move along the supply chain, information you need is collected and supply chain maps are visualised back to you.

Compare and analyse over time

Analyse and compare data using one tool:

String3 is purposefully designed to remain simple - a powerful alternative to sending spreadsheets to your tier one suppliers. The key to getting reliable data about your products rests in having a connected supply network. Data can be easily analysed, compared over time and used as part of a comprehensive risk assessment strategy.

Identify risks

Identify risks & target solutions:

You get back detailed reports into how your supply chain is connected, where materials came from and where processes took place. You will see which products are exposing you to the greatest risk and can target your solutions accordingly.

String3 allows you to:

  • Track the provenance of products, in real time
  • Identify likely sources of supply chain risk, for further investigation
  • Demonstrate effective scrutiny of supply chains, for compliance
  • Communicate supply chain information publicly, with confidence.

Get in contact with us to talk about how String3 could work for your business. Uncertain of what risks you might be exposed to? Read more about supply chain risks.

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