Worried about deforestation in your supply chains?

Use String3 to zoom in on the products that place your brand at the most risk.

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Many consumers are concerned that the wood they buy causes environmental damage through deforestation and its wider effects: loss of communities, carbon emissions and the emergence of monocultures of soy or palm oil.

Many products are wood-based and their supply-chains contain hidden reputational risks: Paper, Viscose, Latex, Furniture or cellophane, for example.

Both regulations (like EUTR) and voluntary schemes (like FSC) aim to enforce effective and ethical sourcing.

But first you need to know where your timber comes from. String3 can profile specific products and pinpoint risks.

How String3 can help

How can String3 help?

String3 connects the suppliers involved in making and moving your product whilst preserving commercial confidentiality. Questions can then be passed along the supply chain to get you the answers you need.

Having information at your fingertips about where the fibres originated, or where the processing stages took place puts you in control.

String3 allows you to:

  • Track the provenance of products in real time

  • Identify likely sources of risk, for further investigation

  • Demonstrate effective scrutiny for compliance

  • Communicate publicly with confidence

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