Which materials will String3 work for?

String3 has the scope to work for any industry and any material.

The materials and questions we have built processes for so far are listed below. If what you’re looking for isn’t there, get in touch with us to talk about building a process that works for you.

  • Cotton

    Cotton country of origin

  • Gold

    Country of mining

  • Leather

    Species of animal

    Country of origin of animal

  • Silver

    Country of mining

  • Tantalum

    Country of mining

  • Timber

    Country of timber harvest


  • Tungsten

    Country of mining

  • Viscose

    Country of timber harvest

  • Wool

    Country of origin

Not sure if it will work for your organsiation?

We'd love to talk through how String3 can work for your business.

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