Worried about modern day slavery in your supply chains?

Use String3 to zoom in on the products that place your brand at the most risk.

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Since March 2016, companies doing business in the UK who have a turnover of over £36 million have a legal obligation to declare what steps they have taken to ensure that slavery and human trafficking is not taking place in its business or supply chains.

If you are affected, a pragmatic startpoint is to assess whether your products are being produced in high risk locations.

It takes a lot of time and effort to manually gather the data needed to map supply chains. Passing the responsibility onto tier one suppliers only shifts the effort needed onto them and adds uncertainty about reliability. To demonstrate that active enquiries into the supply chain have been made means brands and retailers need to take control of the data to map their supply chains.

String3 enables you to understand what is really going on inside your supply-chain; where materials come from, and where processes take place.

How String3 can help

How can String3 help?

String3 collects geographical information about which countries your products were processed in, from raw material to finished goods. As you use String3 to ask questions, it connects the suppliers involved whilst preserving commercial confidentiality. Reports are then generated giving you accurate information about the different countries in which your products were made.

Having information at your fingertips about where raw materials originated, or where the processing stages took place puts you in control.

String3 allows you to:

  • Track the provenance of products in real time

  • Identify likely sources of risk, for further investigation

  • Demonstrate effective scrutiny for compliance

  • Communicate publicly with confidence

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