Why choose String3?

  1. Reason #1

    String3 simplifies processes and saves time

    Did you make it or source it?

    String3 is a powerful new alternative to manual supply chain intelligence gathering processes.

    Defining what it is you want to ask, gathering information and staying on top of reporting can be long-winded, time consuming and repetitive.

    String3 simplifies all that. String3 saves you time, consolidates your supply chain information within a single tool and allows for comparison of data over time.

    String3 is purposefully designed to remain simple, no complex or large amounts of data collection is needed. The key to getting reliable data about your products rests in having a connected supply network. With String3, suppliers can easily respond to simple questions knowing their identity and commercially sensitive information is never disclosed.

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  2. Reason #2

    String3 facilitates risk management and due diligence

    As a modern brand or retailer, you need to find out where and how your products are made.

    Supply networks are constantly and rapidly evolving - and this creates risk.  String3 saves you time managing those risks and provides you with real-time reports that are easily presentable within your company.

  3. Reason #3

    String3 gives you visibility of your supply chain

    Over time, the more questions you ask, the more connected your supply chains become, giving you better size and location visibility of your product networks, without compromising the identity of those suppliers within it.

    You will be able to see how well and how rapidly individual parts of your supply chains are responding and identify areas of regional or process excellence.

    You can use this same information to pinpoint risks, and invest methodically in better supplier-management and compliance-monitoring.

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    We'd love to talk through how String3 can work for your business.

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  4. Reason #4

    String3 is good for your suppliers too

    • It saves suppliers time too

      String3 makes it simple to respond to customers’ enquiries. It stores details of products and suppliers so that only new information has to be entered each time an enquiry is answered. The questions suppliers are asked are also broken down into a series of simple steps, which help to locate the suppliers at the right point in the supply chain and send your question on to the right place.

    • It’s free for people responding to enquiries to use

      There are no financial barriers for the people responding to your questions, only the person who intiated the question has to pay anything. This means that you are much more likely to get to the answers you need.

    • Everyone can be confident their sensitive information isn’t being shared with anyone else in their supply chain

      Neither the person asking the question, nor anyone else in the supply chain, can know all the details of all the individual organisations involved in making the product, only the eventual answers. This means that suppliers can enter potentially commercially sensitive information into String3 that they wouldn’t necessarily be comfortable sharing over email.

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